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Mission Statement

ASEPO is a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation. 

The specific purposes of ASEPO are to:
• promote the science and improve the methods of special effects and pyrotechnic operators
• share information regarding safety and liability issues
• obtain and circulate information on these subjects
• secure the cooperation of its members and the business entities that utilize special effects and pyrotechnic operators
• establish proper safeguards against loss of life and property and address liability concerns
• interface with local, state and national administrative and governmental authorities with regard to legislation directed at the regulation and use of special effects and pyrotechnic materials and devices.

ASEPO is a professional organization created to serve the interests of all special effects and pyrotechnic operators, both union, non-union, in the United States and internationally. 

ASEPO helps and represents not only the coordinator, but also those who do the work. 

ASEPO is the only organization dedicated to looking out for your interests. 

Without ASEPO's tireless efforts, many unwelcome regulations and standards would have been inflicted on the Special Effects Community and the entire Entertainment Industry.

Message From The President

Welcome members and visitors to the ASEPO website! In the spirit of bringing more value to our membership and the industry, as well as updating our accounting and member database, this website fulfills a host of needs. 

If this is your first visit to the site, you'll need to choose a password in order to access the members-only pages. Click the "Forgot Password" link located below the login button. Then enter your email address that you supplied to ASEPO when you applied or renewed, and follow the instructions. Afterward, you can log in and browse around.

Once in, click on the Members Only tab to reveal some useful pages, most notably the Document Library and Special Effects Links pages. These contain a wealth of helpful resources for special effects professionals, and will continue to grow. And feel free to suggest other links and documents you think would be appropriate to include.

Also notice the Member Discussions pages. They've been broken down into sub-categories for convenience, and more categories can be created as needed. This is whatever you make it to be. You can post questions, tips and suggestions for other members to view and respond.

There is also a Member Directory built into the site. Out of respect for your privacy, your name and contact information are not included by default. To include your name, click on the View Profile link located above the Logout button and make any changes you'd like. You can update your choices anytime.

There is also a link to view all of the ASEPO newsletters ever published, which are filled with pertinent topics. This will continue to grow as more newsletters are published. 

So look around and make good use of it. Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve it further. It is, after all, your website. 

J.D. Streett 

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2022 ASEPO 
Board of Directors:

Jesse Noel, President
J.D. Streett, Vice-President
Clark James, Secretary
Timothy B. Graham, Treasurer
Lenny Dalrymple, board member
Anthony Simonaitis, board member
Sandra Stewart, board member

Alex Hill, board member

Margaret Goll, board member

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