Current Atmospheric Guidelines

Safety Bulletin 10/10A - 2019 - Guidelines for the Use of Artificially Created Fog & Haze

ANSI E1.5 - 2018 - Theatrical Fog Made With Aqueous Solutions of Di- and TriHydric Solutions

ANSI E1.14 - 2023 - Recommendations for Fog Equipment Manuals

ANSI E1.23 - 2023 - Design, Execution, and Maintenance of Atmospheric Effects

ANSI E1.29 - 2009 - Product Safety Standard for Fog Generators

ANSI E1.40 - 2021 - Recommendations for the Planning of Theatrical Dust Effects

Intro to Modern Atmospheric Effects - 6th Edition

ESTA Technical Standards Program - Fog & Smoke Working Group Reading List

Actors Equity Theatrical Smoke & Haze Regulations

How to Monitor Glycol, Glycerol, and Mineral Oil

SAG-AFTRA Blue Ribbon Commission Info

Early Triethylene Glycol (TEG) Studies

(1942-1952) Puck, Lester, Robertson, Bigg, Olson

Key Excerpts From These Studies

Further Study Reports

Wikipedia - Triethylene Glycol

Theatrical Studies

1997 ESTA/Cohen Report

1997 ESTA/HSE Report

2000 Moline/Mt. Sinai/Environ Report

2001 Environ Equipment-based Guidelines

2003 Teschke/SHAPE/UBC Report

2017 Phylmar/Colden Report

ESTA Fog & Smoke Working Group Reading List

Other Studies

2001 Experimental Exposure to Propylene Glycol Mist

2009 Rudnick/Spengler – FAA Study

EPA - R.E.D. - 2003,   2006,   2013

2018 Taylor & Francis Inhalation Toxicology Study

2021 Aura/Phylmar Report: Fog and Respiratory Aerosols

Other Information

Theatrical Fog FAQ's

Atmospheric Fog and Covid-19

Fog Fluid Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Various Fog & Haze Fluids Contents Table

Fog Information for Nervous Actors

Additional Theatrical Fog Documents

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